About us


STS PRINT has been working in the packaging producing field since 1999. From draft project to ready product, we have the complete equipment to provide you a packaging that meets all your requirements. We can offer a great range of single and multi -layered packaging for different types of products.

Our clients are companies producing food products, sweets and sugar products, products of the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and dairy industry. Big part of the leading companies in these fields in Bulgaria and abroad are long-term partners of ours. Our top priority is high quality combined with a reasonable price.

The company has been certified under the international standard ISO 9001:2015 and it can provide all necessary documents and certificates for quality of the materials and the print. Our quality policy is entirely oriented towards meeting the demands and expectations of the clients.

The company works only with high quality materials and supplies from leading European suppliers. We are able to offer a huge variety of materials, suitable for all kind of packages, and satisfy the preferences and needs of every industry.

We have the equipment to offer not only printing, but a wide range of additional services.

The eight-color flex printing machine PRIMAFLEX of WINDMOЕLLER & HOЕLSCHER company, type “gear less” provides with perfect print and excellent vision, overlapping more than 90 % of the roto-engraving.

The technology of foil lamination – two laminating machines Super Combi 3000 and Super Simlex of Nordmeccanica company allow us to produce a great variety of two and multi-layers packaging from material such as paper, aluminum, OPP, PET, PE and various combinations of them. The adhesives we use are diluents free or water-based, i.e. without residual odor, which is of great importance for food and medicine packaging.

Confection of bags – The company has the equipment to produce different types of bags, suitable for a wide range of products.

Letterpress printing process allows printing on laminated foil with UV inks and UV lacquering purposed for tubes for a wide range of food and cosmetic products. There is a possibility for cold print.

Your package is your identity in front of the world.

Be brave in your ideas and let us help you turn them into reality!


Precise printing and high quality
Quality is our top priority, because we want to provide our clients with packaging, which fully satisfies all their needs.

Quality materials
The company works only with high quality materials and supplies from leading European providers.

Qualified team and high professionalism
Our team is the main driving force of our development. The effective and dedicated development of the skills of our team is a main requirement in our work.

Constant quality control
Controlling and monitoring all operations through all stages of the production process, is a priority in our work.

Customer service
All our efforts are directed towards the clients, because they are the basis of our existence.

It is important to us to maintain good relationship with all of our business partners, with many of which we have been working for years.

Constant improvement
Everything that we are doing today, we can do better tomorrow.